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Downloading and Processing Files with WinZip

WinZip® makes it easy and convenient to download and process Zip files and other archives.

If you download a WinZip file, most Internet browsers will give you a choice of either opening the file or saving it to disk. If you choose to open the file, you should be aware that the browser will probably delete it when the browser is closed. To avoid this problem, use the browser's "save to disk" option, and specify an easy-to-remember folder such as c:\download, Downloads, or the Desktop.

Problems Downloading? When you download a file, many things can go wrong, resulting in a damaged copy of the file that WinZip cannot open. The solution to most download-related problems is simply to download the file again. For more information on resolving Internet download-related problems, please check the WinZip web site.


Many files available for download on the Internet are executable (.exe) files. If the .exe file is a self-extracting Zip file, you can open and process it using WinZip. The easiest way is to right click the self-extractor and choose Open with WinZip from the WinZip context menu.

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