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Register WinZip

This section answers the following questions:

Why do I have to register WinZip?

How do I purchase WinZip?

How do I convert from an evaluation version to a registered version of WinZip®?

* The WinZip registration information determines the WinZip feature set.

Why do I have to register WinZip?

WinZip is not free software. Subject to the terms of the WinZip Evaluation License, you are licensed by WinZip Computing, S.L. ("WinZip Computing") to use for evaluation purposes only one (1) copy of WinZip, on one (1) computer or workstation, without charge, for a period of 21 days after you first install WinZip on any computer or workstation, during which period both the Standard and Pro features of the WinZip software will be accessible. If you want to use this software after the 21-day evaluation period, you must acquire from WinZip Computing for a fee a single-user license or multi-user license for WinZip. Refer to Ordering Information for information about Standard, Backup, and Pro license pricing, multi-user licensing, and ordering options. Use of WinZip after the expiration of the 21-day evaluation period without acquiring such a license from WinZip Computing is outside the scope of the Evaluation License and a violation of U.S. and international copyright laws.

How to purchase your WinZip License

When you purchase WinZip, you select whether you want to purchase WinZip Pro or WinZip Standard.

Refer to Ordering Information for information about pricing, multi-user licensing and ordering options.

How do I convert from an evaluation version to a registered version of WinZip?

Single-user with a registration code

  • Single-user license owners who have been issued a registration code can convert the evaluation version of WinZip to a registered version as follows:
    1. Install and run WinZip.
    2. The "Thank you for trying WinZip" dialog will appear. Enter your name and registration code EXACTLY as they appear on your registration acknowledgment e-mail or on the WinZip CD case and click Register.

Single-user with an activation code

  • If your WinZip license was not purchased directly from WinZip, but instead from an authorized reseller, you will have been issued an activation code rather than a registration code. In this case, the procedure for registering begins in the same way as that explained in Single-user with a registration code.
  • Note: activation requires an active Internet connection. If you are not already connected when you click the OK button, WinZip will initiate your default connection before completing the activation process.
  • After your name and activation code have been entered in the "Thank you for trying WinZip" dialog as described above, click Register.
    1. You are now presented with the WinZip Activation Information screen. Fill in the requested information and click OK.
    2. WinZip will verify the activation code, issue a registration code based upon the name or e-mail address you entered, and enter the registration code into WinZip automatically.
    3. A confirmation e-mail, containing the registration information, will also be sent to the e-mail address entered.

Multi-user registration

  • As a multi-user customer, you will receive an e-mail confirmation after purchasing a license, containing a link to the WinZip distribution file and a link to your unique WinZip.wzmul file. To register your copy of WinZip:
    1. Download and install WinZip from the link provided in your order confirmation.
    2. Download your unique registration file (WinZip.wzmul) from the link provided in your order confirmation.
    3. Double-click the WinZip.wzmul file (or a shortcut to the file) and WinZip will automatically be registered (WinZip MUST already be installed in order to register the product). Alternatively, you can drag and drop it onto an open WinZip window or right-click it in Explorer and choose Register WinZip.
    4. Note: dragging a WinZip.wzmul file onto an open WinZip window will not add the file to an archive, but instead will try to register the product.
  • If you ordered a CD that is customized for your organization, install WinZip directly from the CD and no additional steps are required to register.