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The Actions Menu

Use the Actions menu for commands that affect the currently open archive or selected files within the archive. The menu contains the following entries:

  • Add adds new files to the archive or updates files that are already in the archive. Click here for help adding files to an archive in Windows 7 and Windows Vista or click here for help in Windows XP.
  • Add from Still Camera adds files from a still camera to the archive. The WinZip® Camera Wizard is only supported on Windows XP or a later version of Windows.
  • Delete removes files from the archive.
  • Unzip uncompresses files in the archive and saves the uncompressed files to disk.
  • View allows you to look at the contents of files in the archive.
  • Rename allows you to rename the files and folders in the archive. This action is available for Zip files (.zip or .zipx) only.
  • New Folder adds a new folder to the Zip file. You must have an existing Zip file open in the Files by Folder (Explorer Style) view in order to create a new folder.
  • Select All selects all of the files in the archive.
  • Invert Selection selects all files that are currently unselected and deselects all files that are currently selected.
  • Select Files selects and sorts the files in the current folder based on user's file specification.
  • Make .Exe File converts the archive into a self-extracting archive.
  • UUEncode encodes the archive so that it can be sent via mail systems that do not support binary e-mail.
  • Split splits the archive into multiple smaller parts of a size that you specify.
  • Encrypt
  • allows you to encrypt or re-encrypt all files in the Zip file. This action is available for Zip files only.
  • Test performs internal testing to make sure that the archive is not damaged.
  • Unzip and Try makes it easy for you to examine archive contents by extracting files to a temporary folder and setting up a Windows Explorer window to display the files.
  • Install helps you to install software from archives that contain SETUP or INSTALL programs.