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The File Menu

Use the File menu for actions that affect entire archives or WinZip® itself. The menu contains the following entries:

  • New Archive creates new archives.
  • Open Archive opens existing archives.
  • Favorite Zip Folders displays a list of Zip files (.zip or .zipx) in your Favorite Zip Folders.
  • New Zip file on CD or DVD creates a new Zip file on a CD or DVD (Pro and Backup versions only and Windows XP or later only).
  • Close Archive closes the currently open archive. This menu entry is included primarily for completeness since the New and Open menu entries automatically close the open archive, as does closing WinZip.
  • Save allows you to save the currently open archive
  • Save As allows you to save the currently open archive to a new folder and/or new file name.
  • Send To allows you to e-mail the open archive, upload it to an FTP site (Pro and Backup versions only), burn it to a CD or DVD (Pro and Backup versions only and Windows XP or later only) or share a link to it (after uploading to a cloud storage service) via social media or instant messaging. WinZip also allows you to send selected items from the currently open archive to an e-mail recipient, social media or instant messaging service,  or to a new Zip file.
  • Print prints a listing of the files in the archive that are currently displayed.
  • Properties displays a dialog box showing the properties of the currently open archive. These properties include the Zip file name, the path to the Zip file location, the amount of disk space that is saved by compressing the files in the Zip file, how many files are in the Zip file, the size of the included files before and after compression, the date/time stamp of the Zip file, and the security zone of the Zip file.
  • Create Shortcut creates a shortcut to the open archive on your desktop.
  • Recently opened archives can be re-opened directly from the Recent (History) submenu.
  • Exit closes WinZip.