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WinZip Pro feature

Working with Your Digital Still Camera

This operation requires Windows XP or later.

If you have installed the WinZip Express for Photos add-on, see the separate help information here.

WinZip® makes it easy to download and store pictures, audio, and even video from your digital still camera. WinZip's camera features can eliminate many of the steps required to retrieve and manage your files and can save you a large amount of storage space. Using WinZip, you can:

  • Download all the pictures from your camera, or select only the ones you want.
  • Rotate your pictures so that they are properly oriented (your camera must provide support for this feature).
  • Compress your pictures so they take up less space without any loss of picture quality.
  • Remove images from your camera after they have been downloaded.

WinZip lets you specify what files you want zipped, how you want them zipped, and where the resulting Zip files will be stored.

The WinZip Camera Wizard

The easy-to-use WinZip Camera Wizard helps you retrieve pictures, audio files, and videos from your camera and store them in a Zip file. It guides you, in a few quick steps, through the process.

Using the Camera Wizard you can specify:

  • from which camera to gather your pictures, video, and audio files,
  • what the Zip file should be named and where it should be located,
  • what files should be imported and whether to automatically rotate images that are not properly oriented,
  • what compression type to use, and
  • whether or not to remove from your camera the files you have downloaded.

The Camera Wizard is very flexible, yet it is very easy to use. For example, the only thing that it requires you to specify is which files from your camera you want to zip; the Wizard will supply reasonable values for all of the remaining settings.

Starting the Camera Wizard

There are three ways to start the Camera Wizard:

  • From AutoPlay: click Zip from camera using WinZip in the AutoPlay dialog that appears when you connect your camera.
  • From the WinZip Ribbon interface: click Photos on the Backup tab.
  • From the WinZip Legacy Toolbar interface: choose Add from Still Camera in the Actions menu.

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