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Scheduling (WinZip Jobs)

This dialog allows you to create, modify, or delete the schedule for automatically running your WinZip® job. To reach the dialog, edit or create the job using the WinZip Job Wizard and click Schedule in the final Wizard panel.

To unschedule the job:

  • Simply choose Never in the Schedule job list and click OK.

To schedule the job:

  1. Choose the run frequency (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) from the Schedule job list. The dialog will then show the required information for the type of schedule you have requested.
  2. Fill in the scheduling information according to your desired schedule.
  3. Enter the computer\username under which the job should be run and the user password. If Hide the password is checked, the password will display as asterisks, and you will need to type it twice in order to guard against typing errors.

    Important: Windows will not run a scheduled job (or any other task) for a user account that does not have a password.

  4. Click OK.


  • The job will be scheduled or unscheduled when you click Finish in the Job Wizard.
  • The user name and password are not stored with the WinZip job. They are required by the Windows task scheduler when the Job Wizard schedules the job. Remember that Windows will not run a scheduled WinZip job or any other task for a user account that has no password.
  • Job scheduling via the Job Wizard is provided as a convenience only. It does not support all of the options that are available from the Windows task scheduler. For more demanding needs, advanced users may want to consider using the Windows task scheduler directly. The command line that you should provide to the task scheduler is:
      "C:\path1\winzip32.exe" /autorunjobfile "C:\path2\jobname.wjf"
    --if using the 32-bit version of WinZip

      "C:\path1\winzip64.exe" /autorunjobfile "C:\path2\jobname.wjf"
    --if using the 64-bit version of WinZip

    where C:\path1 is the drive and folder where the WinZip program is located, and C:\path2\jobname.wjf is the drive, folder, and file name of the WinZip job description file.
  • WinZip may not be able to delete or modify a schedule that was created or edited with the Windows task scheduler.
  • Please read and understand the security considerations of running WinZip jobs.

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