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The Copy To Tab

The Copy To tab appears when you are working with a new unsaved Zip file.  It allows you to copy files from the unsaved Zip to another location on your PC, network, or cloud storage area with the benefit of any applied conversions such as photo resizing or watermarks.

To use the Copy To tab, first create a list of files using the Create/Share tab:

  • Specify any desired options: encryption, photo resizing, watermarking, etc.
  • Use Add from PC or Cloud to create a list of files.

When your file list is done, open the Copy To tab and use the options described below to copy your files.

Note: When you are working with an existing Zip file, the Unzip/Share tab provides similar functions.

Unzip group

The Unzip to My PC or Cloud button copies the files to a location that you specify. You can choose locations on your PC, your network, or the cloud, including FTP sites.

Files to Unzip group

The controls in this group help you specify which files you want copied. 

  • All files: If this radio button is selected, WinZip will copy all of the files, regardless of selections.
  • Selected files: If this radio button is selected, WinZip will copy only the files that are selected.

Search group

You can use the Search button to select files for unzipping.

  • Click the upper portion of this button to open the Select Files window, where you can type a partial or wildcard file name such as "*.doc". WinZip will find and select any files matching the pattern you provide.
  • Use the drop down menu to select all files/folders or to invert the selection.