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The Tools Tab

The Tools tab includes a variety of features for working with WinZip® files. These features allow you to create other types of files, encrypt existing Zip files, see information about your Zip file, and more. If the open WinZip file is not a Zip file (for example, an LHA file), some of these tools will not function; a caution dialog will display with appropriate information. This tab is divided into the five groups described below:


  • Multi-Part Zip File: Create a new split Zip file consisting of 2 or more parts from your existing open Zip file.
  • Self-Extracting EXE: Create a self-extracting Zip file from your open Zip file.
  • UUEncoded File: Create a UUEncoded file from the open WinZip file.


  • Selected Files: Select and perform conversions on the selected files. Conversions include encryption, watermarking, converting to PDF, and resizing pictures.


  • Last Output: View the results of the last operation that WinZip performed.
  • Comments: Create, view, edit, or delete a comment embedded in your Zip file.
  • Properties: View the properties of the open WinZip file, or of a file you have selected in the open WinZip file.
  • Diagnostics: Run a diagnostic test of the open WinZip file and view simple or detailed results of the test.


  • Unzip and Try: Unzip the files in your open WinZip file to a specified location in order to try them out. When you close the WinZip file or exit WinZip, you will have the option to delete the extracted files.
  • Unzip and Install: Unzip and install the software contained in the open WinZip file.


  • Performance Scan: run a performance scan on your computer to see if it is running at peak performance.