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The View Tab

The View tab allows you to change the look of the WinZip® main window. It also lets you control other open WinZip windows and it offers you the ability to change your WinZip Theme. These settings don't change even after WinZip has been closed.

This tab is divided into four sections.


  • Classic: This display mode lists all of the files in the Zip file in a single list. No folders are shown, but the saved folder information can be displayed in the Path column.
  • Explorer: This display mode displays all the files and folders in your Zip file as you would see them in a Windows Explorer folder window.
  • Smart View: When checked, this option allows WinZip to choose the display mode that is optimal based upon the types of files and information in the Zip file.
  • Navigation Bar: This check box is only active when using the Explorer view. When checked, this option causes the Navigation Bar to display.


  • Columns: Select which columns to display in the file list area when using the Details view in the Views dropdown.
  • Sort: Allows you to specify whether the list of files is sorted by Name, Type, or a number of other choices.
  • Views: Depending on which Display option you selected, you can select how the files in your list appear (Thumbnails, Icons, Details, etc)
  • Folder Tree: While in the Explorer view, this button will turn left folder pane on or off.


  • New Window: Opens a new, empty WinZip window.
  • Close All: Closes all open Zip files and all WinZip windows, leaving only one empty WinZip window open.
  • Switch Windows: When working with more than one open WinZip file, use this button to quickly switch to a different WinZip window.


  • Choose Theme: Changes to another available WinZip theme that you have installed.
  • Remove Theme: Removes a previously installed WinZip theme.
  • Get More Themes: Opens your Internet browser to a page where you may download additional WinZip themes.