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WinZip Pro feature

Select camera (Camera Wizard)

This operation requires Windows XP or later.

The first WinZip® Camera Wizard panel allows you to select the camera containing the pictures to be zipped. Simply select the camera you want to use from the dropdown list (click the arrow to the right of the current camera name) and click Next.

If the camera you want to use is not in the list, connect it to your computer, turn it on, and click Refresh. (It takes a few moments for Windows to recognize the camera, so you may need to click Refresh more than once.)

If your camera still does not appear in the list of cameras, see Is your camera using the correct connection mode? in Troubleshooting.

Note that when WinZip is started from the AutoPlay dialog, the Camera Wizard already "knows" which camera you are using and will skip this step. To use a different camera, click Back from the Specify compression method panel.

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