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WinZip Pro feature

Specify compression method (Camera Wizard)

This operation requires Windows XP or later.

The Specify compression method panel of the WinZip® Camera Wizard allows you to specify the name of the Zip file (.zip or .zipx), where it will be located, and the compression type. The compression type affects the size of the resulting Zip file and its compatibility with other compression utilities.

The panel shows the current default folder, file name, and compression method.

  • The default folder is specified by your selection in the Cameras tab of the WinZip Configuration dialog.
  • The default name is the current date in YYYY-MM-DD format.

To use a different name or folder, simply type it in the Name field or use the Browse button.

In the When zipping pictures, use section, choose:

  • .Zip: Legacy compression if you frequently share your pictures with others who may be using older Zip file utilities. The compressed picture files will usually be larger than they would be if compressed with the Best Method option, but your recipients will be able to use any Zip file utility to view them.
  • .Zipx: Best method to provide optimal compression for minimal use of storage space. Best method uses a special Jpeg compression method that compresses JPEG pictures better than other methods with no loss of picture quality (there is no loss of picture quality with any WinZip compression method). Choosing Best method will result in a .zipx file. To extract these Zip files, you will need WinZip 12.1 or later.

Tip: using the Send Selected Files feature, you can store your pictures using Best method but still use Legacy compression when sending them to someone else.

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