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folder Zipping and Unzipping (44)
A variety of articles concerning how to zip and unzip files
folder Default View (3)
Information about WinZip's powerful and intuitive default view
folder Classic View (11)
Information about WinZip's classic view (ribbon interface)
folder Miscellaneous (24)
Tips to help make you a more powerful and efficient WinZip user
folder WinZip Backup and Camera (10)
Articles about backup features and camera features
folder Encryption (11)
Articles about encryption (AES or other) in WinZip and passwords in Zip files
folder Email (7)
Using WinZip with Email programs and Email attachments

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document What is a Zipx File?
document Viewing Files with WinZip
document Other Archive Support
document How to activate (or re-activate) WinZip's shell extension
document What are Zip files and archives?
document When does support end for WinZip applications?
document Windows 10 - An app default was reset (older WinZip versions)