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How do Standard Self-Extractors and Self-Extractors for Software Installation differ?

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Last updated: 18 Jul, 2019
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WinZip Self-Extractor can create two kinds of self-extracting Zip files:

Standard Self-Extracting Zip Files

Standard self-extracting Zip files are easy to build and are ideal for sharing documents, graphics, and other files with co-workers, family members, and/or associates. They can be used for software installation, but the files in the "unzip to" folder will not be removed when the installation completes. These self-extractors can display a greeting message or an informational message when they are run. When creating a standard self-extractor, you can specify the default Unzip To folder, choose to have the Overwrite files without prompting box checked by default, and/or specify a command to run after files have been unzipped.

Self-Extracting Zip Files for Software Installation

Self-extracting Zip files for Software Installation take some more preparation, but they afterwards will provide a more professional looking installation. You can customize what text and title will display in the self-extracting Zip file's dialog box, include an additional message, and/or add your own information to display if the receiver clicks the About button. When someone runs it, the self-extracting Zip file will use the TEMP or TMP environment variable to create a temporary folder, unzip the files into the folder, run the setup program, wait for it to complete, then delete the temporary folder created in the first step.

To create a Standard self-extractor, select the Standard self-extracting Zip file radio button in the second Wizard panel. When creating a self-extractor using a command line, a Standard self-extractor will be created unless you include the -setup switch.

To create a software installation self-extractor, select the Self-extracting Zip file for Software Installation radio button in the second Wizard panel. If you are creating your self-extractor from a command line you must include the -setup switch.

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