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Where can I find the external programs required for ARC, ARJ, and LHA files?

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Last updated: 04 Jan, 2012
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WinZip versions 11.1 and earlier do support and require external programs for working with ARC, ARJ, and LHA files.

You can obtain the ARC, ARJ, and LHA programs from the following Internet sites, among others (this information is current as of April 2008). Please note the upper/lower case format of some directory names; you may need to respect the case of directory names if you login to one of these sites.

Note: These programs will not run under 64-bit Operating Systems

You can access an ftp site by using a URL of ftp://sitename (e.g.,

The current release of ARJ can be downloaded from the ARJ web site.

To access ARC files one of the following programs is required:

  • ARCE.COM and ARC-E.COM version 4.0e - Vern Berg's ARC extraction utility. WinZip was not tested with earlier versions.
  • PKXARC.COM version 3.5 from PKWARE, Inc. WinZip was not tested with earlier versions.
  • PKXARC.EXE version 3.6 from PKWARE, Inc.
  • PKUNPAK.EXE version 3.61 from PKWARE, Inc.
  • ARC.EXE version 5.20 or 6.0 from System Enhancement Associates, Inc. This is or was the last version of ARC available as shareware. WinZip was not tested with earlier versions. SEA's address is 925 Clifton Ave., Clifton, NJ 07013.

Note: Like WinZip, the ARJ, ARC, and PKXARC programs are not free software. As with all shareware, if you use these programs you should register them with the appropriate vendor. The ARC-E and LHA programs are free.

For instructions on using WinZip with these programs please see the section titled "Installing Optional External Programs" in WinZip help. Briefly, if the file is a self-extracting archive you have to run it to extract the files. Then, select Configuration from the WinZip Options menu, and click the Program Locations tab. In the field for LHA, type in the full path (if necessary). For example, if LHA.EXE is in C:\UTILITY, type:


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