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How do I compress and email files with WinZip?

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Last updated: 24 Sep, 2014
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WinZip products provide several ways for you to quickly and easily send Zip files as email attachments or share them as a link:

WinZip Courier


Note: Starting with WinZip 15, a built-in program is provided that will allow you to use WinZip's email features even if you do not have a MAPI email application. To use the built-in program you will need to define an email account first.

  • For more information about MAPI compatibility and problems using WinZip's email features, see Why aren't WinZip's email features working for me?
  • For general information about file attachments and your email program, consult your email program's manual or online help

How to use WinZip Courier to zip attachments

If you are using a supported version of Outlook or supported webmail with a supported internet browser, WinZip Courier provides an easy way to compress attachments when you press Send or immediately as you attach your files. With WinZip Courier, you will save time preparing and sending emails with attachments because you can:

  • Reduce the size of email attachments
    • Send emails faster
    • Save download time for recipients
    • Reduce the amount of disk space required to store emails
  • Reduce the time spent creating emails
    • Fewer steps to compress and add attachments
    • Works within Microsoft Office and email programs that you already use so there's no learning curve to get started
  • Protect attachments containing sensitive information with password-based AES encryption

The WinZip Courier Quick Start Guide gives a quick overview on how to use WinZip Courier.

Using Cloud Services with Courier to send large files

With WinZip Courier you can send Zip files that are larger than the file size allowed by your email provider. You will first need to create at least one cloud service account. Then you can either let Courier choose to use a cloud service whenever your Zip file will exceed the configured size limit or you can choose to use the Attach Large File button. This latter option allows you to avoid the possibility of an error that can occur if you use Microsoft Exchange and have a file attachment size limit.

Using WinZip Courier with cloud services you can:

  • Email large files; the size depends on whether or not you are using a free account or a subscription account and limits vary from service to service
  • Send multiple files and folders in one secure, zipped package
  • Protect the files you send using strong AES encryption
  • Use other conversion options for additional security or for easier usage by the receiver
  • Work directly from your own email account

With WinZip Courier, uploading to a cloud service will work in the background allowing you to continue to work with other email messages, rather than having to wait until message sending completes.

How to compress and attach files or folders from an open folder window

To compress files or folders and attach them to a new email message from an open folder window, simply right-click on the files or folders and choose Zip and E-Mail from the WinZip submenu on the context menu. WinZip will compress the selected items in a temporary Zip file, create a new email message, and attach the Zip file to it. You can then address and mail the message as you normally would. WinZip will automatically delete the temporary Zip file when it is no longer needed.

How to compress attachments while composing messages

You can use the technique described here to compress attachments while composing messages using Outlook or other programs that allow you to attach files using the standard Windows File Open dialog box. This technique does not require a MAPI-compatible email program.

  1. Open the dialog box you normally use to attach files
  2. Locate the file you wish to attach
  3. Right click the file and choose Add to from the WinZip context menu
  4. Click the new Zip file to select it
  5. Click Open or Insert to attach the Zip file

How to directly mail a Zip file open in WinZip

You can mail the currently open Zip file without leaving WinZip:

  • If your default email program is MAPI-compatible:
    • WinZip ribbon interface: Click Email in the Share section of the UnZip/Share tab (if your email program is not running, it will be started automatically)
    • Legacy menus/toolbar interface: Choose Send ToMail Recipient (Zip and E-Mail) from the File menu (if your email program is not running, it will be started automatically)
  • If your default email program is not MAPI-compatible, you may be able to use the drag-and-drop interface to add the Zip file you have open in WinZip to an email message. Simply drag the WinZip status line to your email program:
    1. Click on the WinZip status line (the bottom line of the WinZip window)
    2. While holding down the mouse button, move (drag) the mouse pointer to your email message
    3. Release the mouse button
    Note: This technique requires that your email program support drag and drop. It may not work with all email programs.

Using Cloud Services with WinZip to share files

With WinZip, you can share Zip files as a link to a cloud service. You will first need to create at least one cloud service account and configure WinZip to use it. Then, whenever you use one of WinZip's email features, such as Zip and E-mail, if the Zip file reaches the configured size threshold, it will be uploaded to your cloud service account and a link to your Zip file will be placed into the message being sent.

If you have WinZip configured to use its built-in emailer, you will have the option to click the button saying Attached so that it then reads as Linked. This allows you to optionally share Zip files that are smaller than the configured size threshold. Also, if you are configured to use this built-in emailer, you can right click any self-extracting Zip file and choose Email filename.exe from the WinZip context menu. Your self-extracting Zip file will then be uploaded to your cloud service account when your email message is sent and the recipient of your message will be able to download it.

If you have questions about this information, please email Technical Support.

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