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Does WinZip offer phone support?

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Last updated: 21 Sep, 2017
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WinZip support is provided by email. This method is usually convenient for users, as well as being the most efficient means for WinZip support personnel. Many issues can be recognized by our technical support staff with the mention of an error message or a brief description, making it easy for them to provide concise instructions or point directly to the appropriate Knowledge Base article. Other issues will require additional information from you to determine the best course of action. Response to email inquiries generally occur within one business day.

If an issue is particularly complex, email support has proven ineffective, or the user strongly prefers, a remote service session may be used to remedy the issue. Remote service allows us to see the issue directly and work on a resolution with you. WinZip provides remote service at no cost to the user.

Please feel free to send an email message to Technical Support in order to let us know about the issue you are having.

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