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Why has the gadget stopped working?

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2012
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The original WinZip Gadget, distributed with WinZip 15.0, will not work after Internet Explorer 9 is installed. A new gadget version has been created and is included in WinZip 15.5 and later.

If you have WinZip 15.0 with the original gadget, you cannot upgrade to WinZip 15.5 (for some reason), and you would like to replace the gadget, please follow the steps below. If you have already uninstalled the WinZip gadget or somehow never installed it, you can skip to step number 5, below Installing the updated WinZip Gadget.

  1. Right-click the WinZip Gadget choose Close gadget (if it is currently running)
  2. Open the Gadget Gallery
    • Windows 7: Right-click on any empty area of your desktop and choose Gadgets
    • Windows Vista: Right-click on the Sidebar and choose Add Gadgets...
  3. In the Gadget Gallery, right-click WinZip Gadget and choose Uninstall
  4. When asked Do you want to uninstall WinZip Gadget?, click Uninstall; after the WinZip Gadget is removed, close the Gadget Gallery

Installing the updated WinZip Gadget

  1. Download and save the WinZipGadget.gadget file to your desktop
  2. Double-click the WinZipGadget.gadget file
  3. If the Desktop Gadgets--Security Warning window displays, click Install

The new WinZip Gadget will now be installed.

Note: As you will be installing this updated Gadget outside of the normal WinZip installation, if you uninstall WinZip, this gadget version will not be removed automatically. You will need to uninstall this version manually following the same steps (1-4) as above.

If you have any questions about this information please email Technical Support.

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