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Unzip/Share (Copy to) Tab - WinZip Ribbon

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Last updated: 21 Apr, 2014
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Starting with WinZip 17, when you open a Zip file, the default tab that opens will be the Unzip/Share tab (upper part of picture). If you open WinZip empty or if you are in the process of creating a new Zip file, the tab is moved one space to the right and it becomes the Copy to tab (Note: Features do not work in the Copy to tab if nothing has been added). The Share section remains in the first tab and so do not apply when using the Copy to tab. The features in this tab are listed by section and described below the picture.

Unzip/Copy to tab - WinZip Ribbon


  • Folder name: To the right of this button is the name of the folder, based on the name of your Zip file, into which files will be unzipped if you click Unzip. Click this button to open the Edit Folder Name dialog to rename the folder.
  • Location: To the right of this button is the path showing the target location for your folder and unzipped files if you click Unzip. Click this button to open the Select Folder dialog and choose a different location.
  • Unzip: Click this button to:
    • Unzip: Unzip your files into the folder and location listed to the left of the button (default action)
    • Unzip to My PC: Choose a target on an attached drive for your files without having WinZip create a folder
    • Unzip to Cloud: Choose a cloud service as a target

Copy To

  • My PC: Move files in your unsaved, new Zip file to another location in an attached drive or mapped drive (similar to unzipping)
  • Cloud: Use the drop down menu to unzip or copy files to a cloud service

Files to Unzip

  • All files: Click this radio button to cause all of the files and folders in ths Zip file to be unzipped (or copied)
  • Selected Files: Click this radio button to cause only those files and folders you have selected to be unzippe (or copied)
  • Search: Click this button to find and select files you designate or use the drop down menu to select all files/folders or invert the selection


  • Email: After opening your Zip file, you can click this button to email it. The drop down menu gives 3 sharing options plus access to settings. The options in the list are remembered the next time WinZip is opened.
    • As attachment: Send the new Zip file as a physical file attachment to an email message
    • Using cloud: Send a link to the new Zip file after it has been uploaded to a cloud service
    • Choose automatically: If the Zip file is larger than the configured threshold size, it will be sent using a cloud service; otherwise it is sent as a physical file attachment (default threshold is 5 MB)
    • Settings: Opens the E-mail tab of WinZip Options allowing you to configure emailing options and the automatic threshold size
  • Social Media: Click this button to share to Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter; type your own name or allow automatic naming; change the Status message to be posted if you wish; and a link to your Zip file will be posted on the selected network(s) after being uploaded to a cloud service
  • What to Share: Use this drop down menu to specify whether you will be sharing This WinZip file or File(s) from cloud. After making your selection, click Email or Social Media to share your selection. The default will be to share This WinZip file.

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