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*Old* Password protection (WinZip 8.1 or earlier)

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Last updated: 04 Jan, 2012
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Older WinZip versions could encrypt files with standard Zip 2.0 encryption format only. This format is supported by almost every Zip file utility. "Password protecting" files in a Zip file (encrypting with Zip 2.0 encryption) provides a measure of protection against casual users who do not have the password and are trying to determine the contents of the files. However, the Zip 2.0 encryption format is known to be weak, and cannot be expected to provide protection. Individuals determined to view contents of these Zip files will be able to find and use password recovery tools.

You should not rely on WinZip password protection to provide strong security for your data. If you have important security requirements for your data, you should consider an upgrade to the latest WinZip version.

Password protection works as follows:

  1. Create a new, or open an existing, archive.
  2. Click WinZip's Options, Password menu item.
  3. Enter the password for the files you'll be adding/extracting, and click OK
  4. Now add files to or extract files from the archive. These files will be processed using the password you just entered.

The password you entered in the Password dialog box will remain active until either you delete or replace it, or you close the archive.

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