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A quick example of how to zip files with WinZip

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Last updated: 28 Oct, 2014
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Here is a quick example of how to create a Zip file (.zip or .zipx) using WinZip:

  1. Open WinZip
  2. Find and select files in the Files pane
  3. Click Add to Zip
  4. Click Save as in the Actions pane
  5. Choose a target location for your file, type a name, and click Save

When working in an open Windows Explorer folder, the quickest way to zip files is to use the context menu; that is to right click on the files and choose one of the Add to options from the WinZip submenu.

  1. Open a folder window
  2. Find and highlight (select) the files and/or folders you would like to zip
  3. Right click in the highlighted area
  4. In the WinZip submenu of the context menu that displays choose either:
    • Add to [filename].zip(x): To quickly create a Zip file using the default compression method without being able to specify other options
      (please note the name of the file)
    • Add to Zip file: To specify your own Zip file name, compression type, encryption, and/or choose conversion options

Choose an option on the WinZip context menu

  1. The Zip file is created

You have the option to click Zip and Share (WinZip Express) when you right click, if you have the WinZip Express for Explorer add-on installed. With WinZip Express you can zip, choose to encrypt, and make use of many additional options such as saving to a cloud service.

If you have any questions, please email Technical Support.

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