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How to create a split Zip file

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Last updated: 12 May, 2014
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WinZip allows you to create Zip files (.zip or .zipx) that consist of multiple segments of a size you configure.

Here is a quick example of how to create a split Zip file:

  1. Open a folder window
  2. Find and highlight (select) the files and/or folders you would like to zip
  3. Right click in the highlighted area
  4. In the WinZip submenu of the context menu that displays choose Add to Zip file
  5. If necessary, type a name for the Zip file
  6. Set the Split Zip file drop down menu to the segment size you would like
  7. Click Add to create the Split Zip file

Split Zip file size selection after right clicking

Depending on the number of segments, the result is a sequence of files named, filename.z01, filename.z02, and so on. The naming convention for split Zipx files is filename.zipx, filename.zx01, and so on. We recommend that the recipient of these files use the current version of WinZip to open and extract the contents of the split file, although WinZip 9.0 or later can extract the files if newer compression methods were not used.

Note: WinZip Express for Explorer does not include the feature for creating split Zip files.

If you have an existing Zip file that you would like to split:

  1. Open the Zip file in WinZip and:

  2. WinZip ribbon interface
    1. Click the Settings tab to configure your Split size (if necessary)
    2. Click the Tools tab and click Multi-Part Zip File
    Legacy menus/toolbar
    1. Click the Actions menu
    2. Choose Split
  3. Specify the name and target folder
    Note: The name must be different from the name of the open Zip file.
  4. Legacy menus/toolbar only: Specify the size to be used for the individual parts
  5. Click OK to create the Split Zip file.

With either interface you can choose from common split sizes on the appropriate drop down menu or you can specify your own size. To specify your own size:

WinZip ribbon interface:

  1. Choose Custom size in the drop down menu (Settings tab)
  2. Click the spinner arrow to adjust the Custom Size (MB) setting
  3. Or click in the Custom Size (MB) text box and type a size (in megabytes) with one decimal place

Click the spinner arrow to set a custom size

Legacy menus/toolbar:

  1. In the Split dialog, choose Other size in the drop down menu
  2. Choose either Bytes, KB, or MB in the drop down menu below the Other size field
  3. Type your desired size in the Other size field

Other size in the Split dialog

If you have any questions about this information, please email Technical Support.

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