Outlook has to close and the dialog incorrectly blames WinZip Courier

The situation described in the title is one that WinZip Courier cannot control. Problems of this nature were reported to Microsoft's Outlook team. Microsoft verified that issues of this sort are a result of conflicts with other add-ins, usually as a result of how they connect to Outlook.

Although the results of the investigation by Microsoft cleared WinZip Courier of any faults, it did not provide any means for preventing such issues from occurring. Additionally, there is no way to prevent the possibility that Courier might be blamed for these issues. It appears, from our testing, that the blame goes either to the last add-in installed or the last add-in on the list of add-ins.

For additional help in determining a cause of this conflict on your computer and to explore the possibility for a work around, please contact Technical Support. In your email message, please include what you can of the following:

You are welcome to create and send screenshots to provide any of the information above.