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document WinZip E-Mail Companion could not be shut down - Uninstall
This article is being maintained as archived information. WinZip Courier is the successor to WinZip E-Mail Companion. WinZip E-Mail Companion can still be downloaded and much of what it will do is explained in its help file. If you attempt to uninstall WinZip...
document Error 1316 during repair or uninstall of existing copy of WinZip
This error message can occur if you chose to Run the WinZip MSI file during a download and later attempt to repair or uninstall the software using an MSI file with a different filename. For example, if you download a winzipxxx.msi file (WinZip MSI files are available on the Alternative Download...
document How to uninstall MyPCBackup
To Uninstall MyPCBackup, follow these steps: Right click on the MyPCBackup icon in the system tray and choose Exit Prepare to uninstall: Windows 8.1: Right click the Start button and choose Programs and Features (see picture above) Windows 7 and Windows Vista:...
document How to uninstall File Association Helper
This article is being maintained as archived information. File Association Helper had been distributed as a separate install at one time, but is now incorporated as a feature of WinZip. To Uninstall File Association Helper, follow these steps: Prepare to...
document How to uninstall and remove AVG Toolbar
Removing AVG Toolbar from your browser, restoring your homepage, and eliminating Secure Search can be done using a built-in uninstall feature provided by AVG or it can be started from the Control Panel. AVG browser menu If your default browser is Google Chrome, click the...
document Internal Error 2753 when installing WinZip
An Internal Error 2753 message usually indicates that something from a previous install or install attempt is interfering. The first step would be to try to uninstall WinZip. If you already tried to uninstall, but were unable to do so, the next step would be to try Manually uninstalling WinZip,...
document How to uninstall WinZip
The best way to remove WinZip from your system is to use the appropriate feature in the Control Panel. If you do not find WinZip listed in your Control Panel item, information stored in the registry must have somehow become deleted. In this case, please use the link at the bottom of this article...
document How to uninstall WinZip Courier
The best way to remove WinZip Courier from your system is to to use the appropriate feature in the Control Panel. Before uninstalling you should close all running instances of: Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint After closing the above items,...
document How do I revert to my licensed earlier version of Winzip?
If you have installed the latest version of WinZip over your registered, earlier major version, WinZip will run as the evaluation version. If you do not have current upgrade assurance and decide that you do not wish to upgrade it will be necessary to download and install the final build of your...
document Error 1402 while installing or uninstalling WinZip
This information is provided to help resolve the issue causing an Error 1402 message during an install or uninstall attempt. This often includes could not open the key... in the error message. We have been unable to determine what, but something (an application, some policy, etc) modifies the...