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Configuring WinZip Courier: Cloud Services

You can send files using any supported cloud services. The currently supported cloud services are: ZipShare, Box, CloudMe, Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, OneDrive, and SugarSync.

The way that using the cloud services work is as follows:

  1. You attach your files to your email.
  2. When you click Send, WinZip Courier will detach your attachments from the email and zip them into a single Zip file.
  3. It will then upload the Zip file to your selected cloud service. WinZip Courier will either prompt you to select a Cloud service or if you had previously selected a default service, it will just go straight to uploading your files.
  4. After the upload is completed, WinZip Courier will automatically insert the download link to your files into your email.
  5. After the link is inserted into your email, the email is finally sent to your recipient.
  6. When your recipient receives the email, they can just click on the link and download your files from your cloud service.


It's as easy as that! You no longer have to worry about your emails bouncing because your attachments were too big.

The Configure Cloud Service Window

The Configure Cloud Service window controls when to use a cloud service to deliver your files, lets you log in to or out of one or more cloud services, and lets you set a cloud service as the default.

configure cloud service

Automatically send attachments through a cloud service

Choosing Always will cause WinZip Courier to always send your attachments using a cloud service no matter what size your attachments are.

Choosing When attachments are greater than allows you to set a preconfigured limit which when the size of your attachments exceed this limit, then WinZip Courier will automatically use a cloud service to deliver your attachments. The default is 5 MB.

Choosing Never will cause WinZip Courier, by default, to never use a cloud service to deliver your files no matter what size your attachments are unless you manually choose Use Cloud Services on the new email message's ribbon.

Select the cloud service to configure

This listbox lists all of the currently supported cloud services. In this section, you can:

  • Select a cloud service and click Login to log into the service.
  • Select a logged in cloud service and click Log out to log out of the service.
  • Select a cloud service and click Set Default to set the selected service as the default cloud service to use when sending files that need to be uploaded. The default cloud service name will be shown in bold letters in the list.
  • The +Account button allows you to log into more than one account from the same service.
  • In the event you do log into additional accounts in the same service, the nickname you give the account will help you identify each of them. The Edit Nickname button will allow you to change the nicknames you chose.

Schedule when uploaded file will expire

If you want, Courier can automatically delete files you upload to a cloud service. If you put a check in Expire uploaded file it will be deleted in 30 days or you may change the number of days.

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