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Double Clicking

Double clicking on a filename listed in the main WinZip® window will perform the same action as when you double click on a file in the Windows File Explorer. If the file is an executable (has a filename extension of EXE, COM, BAT, or PIF), WinZip will run it. Otherwise, WinZip will open the file with the appropriate application. For example, files with a filename extension of .TXT are opened by the Windows Notepad application (unless you have changed the TXT association). The appropriate application is determined via Windows Associations. If the file is an image, the appropriate image viewer is run. See the Associated image viewer options in the System tab of the Configuration Dialog Box for more information on image viewer selection. If no application is associated with the file, WinZip will display the Windows "Open With" window.

If you modify a file while viewing it, WinZip will offer to add the modified file to the archive.

To enhance the security of your files if the original archive is encrypted, any file that is temporarily extracted during this process will be automatically wiped prior to being deleted from the temporary location.

Note: Pressing the Enter key performs the same action as double clicking.

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