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Using the Start Menu and Desktop

Using the Windows Desktop:

  • You can create a new, empty Zip file (.zip or .zipx) on the desktop by right clicking anywhere on the desktop and selecting New and then WinZip File or WinZip Zipx File. After you've created the Zip file, change the name if desired, and then double click the icon of the new Zip file to open it using WinZip®, or use drag and drop to add files to the new Zip file.
  • Be sure to read about drag and drop for more things you can do on the desktop.

Using the Start menu:

  • If you have WinZip configured to include a Start menu entry, you can start WinZip directly from the system Start menu.
  • You can open recently used Zip files in Windows from the Recent Items entry of the Start menu. 

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