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Many people have helped make WinZip® what it is by making suggestions, helping test, reporting bugs, etc., but particular thanks go to the following individuals: Ted Abell, Robert Allen, Jeanine Alosky, Peggy Amaio, Igor Balabine, Karen Barlow, Candace Bath, Tom Bloch, Jeff Boulay, Nelson Branco, Howard Burke, Stephan Busch, Chuck Campbell, Steve Carless, Shawn Cole, John Conde, Bill De Lottie, Alberto Dieguez, Ora Lee Dinkins, Alain Dube, Chris Dunford, Kathy Dziadosz, Ray Ebersole, Theresa Edwards, Dino Esposito, Nancy Estevez, Hans Felsh, Brian Fletcher, Lisa Ford, Steve Gross, Tim Hale, Brian Hill, Stefan Hoffmeister, David Hofmann, Gregg Hommel, Ali Iddir, Fazia Iddir, Steve Jenkins, Quinn Jones, Oyvind Kaldestad, Craig Kallin, Kevin Kearney, Marion Kerr, Jim Larkin, Philippe Lefranc, Bruce Lindsay, Yvonne Mohrbacher, David Morin, John Navas, Yuri Niyazov, Steve Pagliarulo, Heath Perryman, Amer Qaqish, Bill Richard, Sara Rogers, Robert Sansone, Olivia Schlosser, Sven Schreiber, Chris Sells, Paul Seltzer, Edwin Siebesma, David Sistare, Paul Smedts, Keron Smith, Kitty Stanton, Barry Steinholtz, Mark Stern, Michael Sundermann, Nick Sweeting, Valerie Syme, Mike Tajmajer, Peter Tanis, Roy Tate, Hans Top, Kristin Trombley, Frank Way, Michael Weber, Larry Wilber, and Rosemarie Zello.

WinZip incorporates compression code by the Info-Zip group, used with their permission. Special thanks to the entire Info-Zip group, in particular to Jean-loup Gailly, Greg Roelofs, and Mark Adler. The original Info-Zip sources are freely available by anonymous ftp.

Thanks to Jean-loup Gailly for permission to use portions of his gzip source in WinZip. The original sources to gzip are available on the Internet.

WinZip uses AES encryption and decryption routines written by Dr. Brian Gladman. The source code for these routines is available to any interested party under an open source BSD or GPL license from the AES project page on Dr. Gladman's web site. This is the same AES code that is incorporated into WinZip. WinZip Computing would like to express its appreciation to Dr. Gladman for making this code available.

Decoding subroutines based on the UUDeview package © Frank Pilhofer.

Our thanks go to Dmitry Shkarin for sharing his variation of the PPM algorithm with the world and to Dmitry Subbotin for placing his "carryless rangecoder" into the public domain. We also thank Julian Seward for his open source bzip2 compression tool.

Our gratitude goes to Igor Pavlov for letting us incorporate his advanced Deflate encoder in WinZip.

We thank David Bryant for his open source contribution of the WavPack compression technology.

WinZip decompresses 7z archives using the 7zxa.dll library. 7zxa.dll is a part of the 7-zip archiver available on www.7-zip.org and distributed under the LGPL license.

Many thanks to Matthias Stirner for his open source contribution of the PackMP3 compression technology.

WinZip incorporates Zstandard compression using the open-source BSD-licensed library available on Github. Our thanks go to Yann Collet and Facebook for making this algorithm and code freely available.

Special thanks to Steve Queen for his feedback on the WinZip user interface, and to Edward Stumpf for his many suggestions and his help testing WinZip.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.