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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Configure FTP Connection

This dialog allows you to configure an FTP connection so that you can upload the Zip file created by your job to an FTP site. To access the dialog, click the Save to drop down from the Specifications Complete panel of the Job Wizard and select FTP.


To enable or disable FTP upload of the Zip file created by your job, check or uncheck the box labeled Upload the Zip file to an FTP server.

Site logon

If the FTP site requires a user name and password to log in, uncheck the box labeled Use anonymous logon and provide your user name and, optionally, your password. If the password is left blank, WinZip® will ask you for it when the job runs.

Note: you should be aware of the security implications of saving the FTP password. It is only as secure as access to your computer. Please read about WinZip job security considerations.

Upload site

The Upload site section specifies the site and location to which the Zip file should be uploaded, as well as any special settings required:

  • FTP site is the name of the FTP site, such as "ftp.MyCompanySite.com". You do not need to include the "ftp://" prefix.
  • Upload folder specifies the name of the folder where the file should be placed. If left blank, the file will be stored in the root folder at the site. Once the logon settings have been entered, you can browse for a folder on the FTP site by clicking the folder button.
  • FTP port, Proxy Setup, and passive FTP: in most cases, you can leave these settings alone. If your job does not upload correctly, try checking Use passive FTP semantics. If it still does not upload correctly, check with your system administrator regarding these settings.


  • Check Create the upload folder on the upload site if you want the folder you specified to be created on the FTP site if it does not already exist.
  • Check Overwrite existing files on the upload site if you want the new Zip file to replace an existing file.
  • Check Move local Zip file to Recycle Bin after emailing and/or FTP if you want the copy of the Zip file on your computer to be moved to your Recycle Bin after it has been sent.

If you want to test the FTP connection after you have specified the upload site and logon parameters, click Test Connection. WinZip will attempt to open the FTP connection and will display a message indicating whether or not it was successful. WinZip will not attempt to upload any data to the site.