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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Logging Options (WinZip Jobs)

This dialog allows you to enable or disable WinZip® job logging and, if enabled, to specify how logging should occur.

When logging is enabled, WinZip will run silently and will not display any errors; instead, it writes a log of the results of your job to a text file. This allows you to schedule your job and have it run unattended. Because no errors are displayed, you must view the log file to see if your job was successful.

The log file will have the same name as the Zip file but with the extension changed from ".zip" or ".zipx" to ".log.txt". For example, if the Zip file name is Sales.zip or Sales.zipx, then the log file name will be Sales.log.txt.

To enable or disable logging, check or uncheck Log information to file. If logging is enabled, you have the following additional options:

  • Type of log: you can choose either Full or Summary logging. A full log contains complete details of the job run, including a list of all files that were added. A summary log omits the list of individual files but contains all other pertinent information, including any errors.
  • Location of log: you can choose where the log file should be stored. You can store the log file in the same folder as the job file, in the same folder as the Zip file, or in a different folder that you specify. Note: if the Zip file is being written to a CD or DVD, the log file cannot be written to the same CD or DVD.
  • Disposition of existing log: choose either Append to the existing log file or Overwrite the existing log file. This choice determines what WinZip will do if a log file with the same name and location already exists when the job runs. If you choose Append, new log information will be added to the end of the existing file. If you choose Overwrite, the existing log file will be replaced.