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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Running WinZip Jobs

To run a WinZip® backup:

  • Right-click the job file (.WJF extension) in Windows Explorer and choose Run with WinZip, or
  • Start WinZip, click the Backup tab, and click Run. Navigate to the folder containing your job and either double-click the job file or select it and click Open.
  • You can also schedule your jobs to run automatically on a periodic schedule of your choosing.


If you wish, you can configure WinZip to edit (rather than run) jobs when you double-click them in Windows Explorer. To do this, choose WinZip Options from WinZip's Settings ribbon tab, open the General tab, and click Edit the job under When a WinZip job file is double-clicked.

Note that this configuration change affects all users of the computer.

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