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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Span/Split Zip File (WinZip Jobs)


When the destination of the Zip file created by a WinZip® job is removable media such as a diskette, CD, or DVD, and the Zip file will not fit onto the media, spanning may come into play. Spanning means that the Zip file is split into pieces and uses more than one diskette, CD, or DVD.

Spanning options are:

  • Automatically: spanning is done as needed (default value).
  • Automatically + wipe first disk: the first disk will be erased and then spanning is done as needed. Not applicable to read-only media like CD-R and DVD-R.
  • No spanning: spanning will not occur even if the disk cannot hold the entire contents of the Zip file.



Splitting is the process of splitting the Zip file into multiple pieces and occurs on fixed media such as a hard drive.

Splitting options are:

  • No Splitting: a single Zip file is created (default value).
  • Select from a list of predefined sizes or Other size: the Zip file will be split into multiple pieces of the specified size. For Other size, enter the desired size in Bytes, KB, or MB.


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