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Search within WinZip files

You may open the Search window, from the Manage tab of an open WinZip file.

  • Use the Search option to search for a particular file or set of files within the currently viewed folder or the entire Zip file and select them.

    Note: to select files from the "entire" Zip file, All files in Zip must be selected on the Show drop down menu of the View tab.

    • To select a particular file just enter the filename and click OK.
    • To select a set of files enter the applicable portion of the filename plus a wildcard and click OK.
  • Whether your files have been automatically selected using Search or manually selected does not matter. Either way you will have many other Manage features available to you.

Using Search and entering *.txt while showing All files in Zip will search the entire Zip file and select and return all files with a .txt extension to the top of the list.

Using Search in a folder view and entering *.txt will search in the current folder and select and return all of the files with a .txt extension in the current folder to the top of the list.