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Search, Select All, and Invert Selection

These three actions are available on the Search drop down menu in the Unzip/Share tab of an open Zip file.

  • Use the Search option to search for a particular file or set of files within the currently viewed folder or the entire Zip file and select them.

    Note: to select files from the "entire" Zip file, All files in Zip must be selected on the Show drop down menu of the View tab.

    • To select a particular file just enter the filename and click OK.
    • To select a set of files enter the applicable portion of the filename plus a wildcard and click OK.
  • The Select All entry selects all the files in the Zip file window.
  • Invert Selection deselects the currently selected files and selects the currently unselected files. Selected files can then be easily deleted, extracted, or viewed.


Using Search and entering *.txt while showing All files in Zip will search the entire Zip file and select and return all files with a .txt extension to the top of the list.

Using Search in a folder view and entering *.txt will search in the current folder and select and return all of the files with a .txt extension in the current folder to the top of the list.