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Do you keep track of address changes?

We track address changes so we can send you upgrade notifications. If you purchased a copy of WinZip® and have moved, please send us the following information:

  1. Your name (If you are not sure how you spelled your name when you registered, please include common alternate spellings, e.g., "J. E. Smith", "Jim Smith", etc).
  2. Your e-mail address, if any (please double check it! Almost 10% of the people that sign up for our mailing list type an invalid address; e-mail addresses are notoriously difficult to spell correctly).
  3. Your new postal mailing address.
  4. Your old postal mailing address.
  5. Approximate purchase date.
  6. Important: please indicate how you purchased WinZip:
    • Online order placed through the WinZip web site
    • By check
    • By telephone order to PsL (Public Software Library) or DigiBuy
    • Reseller (please include reseller name)

Please put the above information into an email message and send the message to one of the addresses found on the WinZip contact page.

Thank you!