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Using Encryption

Please read about encryption.

To encrypt your zipped documents and e-mail attachments

  • when zipping manually, toggle on the Encrypt button on the Message tab first.
  • when zipping automatically, click the Encrypt Attachements button in the WinZip Courier group of the ribbon's Message tab.
  • when using Save as Zip File in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, check Encrypt document when zipping in the Save as Zip File dialog;
  • when using Send as Zip File in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, check Encrypt document when zipping in the Send as Zip File dialog;

In all of the above cases, WinZip® Courier will display the Encrypt dialog before zipping your documents and attachments.

Encrypt dialog

In the Encrypt dialog:

  • Check the Mask password check box if you want the password to be hidden while you are typing it.
  • Type your password in the space provided. If the Mask password check box is checked, the dialog will require you to type it twice (to avoid typographical errors).

Notes on using encryption

  • When opened in WinZip, the main WinZip window marks encrypted files with an asterisk following the file name.
  • The quality of the passwords you choose can greatly affect the security of your encrypted documents. Please read about passwords.
  • Be sure to keep track of your passwords! You will not be able to extract or open any files for which you do not have the correct password.
  • Please be sure to use a safe and secure method to notify the e-mail recipient of the required password.

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