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Picture Rotation

WinZip's® Snap and Share feature provides an option to automatically rotate pictures to orient them properly. After downloading your pictures from the camera, but before compressing them into your Zip file, WinZip will rotate the pictures as needed, as long as these two conditions are met:

Camera support

WinZip can only rotate a picture if it can determine that the picture needs rotation. Therefore, your camera must be "orientation-aware", that is, it must "know" the orientation of each picture and record this information along with the picture.

In other words, your camera needs the ability to detect that a picture was taken in portrait (vertical) orientation rather than the more common landscape (horizontal) orientation. In portrait mode, the camera also needs to recognize whether it was rotated right or left when the picture was taken. This information must be recorded with the picture so that when WinZip retrieves the picture, it knows whether it needs to be rotated, and, if so, in which direction it should be rotated.

This is a feature of many current higher-end cameras but is less common in older cameras and in most "point-and-shoot" cameras. If you are in doubt, check your camera manual to find out whether your camera is orientation-aware and, if so, whether or not there are any special camera settings you must use.

Format/size requirements

WinZip will only rotate JPEG (.JPG) pictures and only if it can be done with no loss of picture quality. In order to rotate a JPEG picture with no loss of quality, the width and height of the picture must both be multiples of 16 pixels (as most uncropped digital pictures are).