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File Sharing from WinZip

The term sharing can be applied to quite a number of actions and the definition will depend on the setting. With WinZip, sharing refers to providing one's own files to others, either directly or through a download link.

WinZip SafeShare

Starting with WinZip® 27.0 the quickest and easiest way to share files with the safest options would be WinZip SafeShare.

Sharing Features

WinZip sharing options include:

  • Email as an attachment: Physically attach a Zip file to an email message, provided that the size of the file will allow this. Options for this are:
    • Zip files, save them, and attach them to an email message at some later time, using the attach feature in the email message.
    • Use Zip and Email to zip files and attach them to an email message automatically.
    • Click the Email button in the Share section of the Unzip/Share tab after opening an existing Zip file.
    • Click the Email button in the Share section of the Create/Share tab after creating a new Zip file.
  • Email as a link: Allow WinZip to automatically send a link instead of the file itself if the Zip file is larger than the configured size or specifically choose to send a link if that is desired.
  • Share on social media: You can share Zip files with a group by posting a download link on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Share by instant message: You can share Zip files with your contacts by posting a download link in an instant message through Facebook, Hangouts, Jabber, or Yahoo! Messenger.
  • Share via clipboard: When you need a link that you will paste into something that is not covered above you can use this feature.
  • Share using Windows Charms: Use the Windows Share dialog, which offers various options in the form of Windows Charms.

When sharing, the file will first be uploaded to a cloud service. For an example, here are the steps WinZip takes when you use Zip and Email:

  1. Right click a file, set of files, folder, or combination and choose Zip and Email.
  2. WinZip creates a Zip file from your selection, checks its size, and determines it is over the threshold (the default is 5 MB).
  3. The Zip file is uploaded to the ZipShare folder in your default share service and placed in a subfolder named according to the date and time (yyyymmdd hhmmss).
  4. A link to the Zip file is generated and copied.
  5. Simple MAPI is used to open a new email message in your default email program and the link is copied into the message.

Sharing files already in the cloud

WinZip allows you to browse the various cloud services you have configured. You can locate files you have already uploaded and share them.

  • Add (to a Zip file): Click the From PC or Cloud button in the WinZip ribbon, zip files you select from any of the supported cloud services, and share the new Zip file you create using any of the Share features in WinZip's ribbon.
  • What To Share: The drop down menu for What To Share includes a File(s) from cloud option. Select this and then click either Share Using Email or Share Using Other, choose files of any type that you have already uploaded to the cloud, and share them.

Other sharing methods

Other sharing methods provided in WinZip include:

  • Share a single file from a Zip file using the Actions pane. When doing this particularly with a picture, WinZip's SmartShare feature can send the unzipped file to a social media provider.
  • Share from the Actions pane when you right click files or folders and choose Share a Cloud Link To.