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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Zip to CD/DVD Options (WinZip Jobs)

This dialog allows you to specify the write speed to be used when the Zip file created by a WinZip® job is written to a CD or DVD.

Choose Fastest, Medium, or Slowest in the Write speed setting as the speed you want WinZip to use when writing the Zip file to a CD or DVD drive.

You may also choose Default, in which case WinZip will use the current speed setting for the computer on which it is running. The current setting may be accessed from the New Zip File on CD or DVD dialog.


  • Fastest corresponds to the fastest speed supported by your CD or DVD drive for the media that you load into the drive. Similarly, Slowest will give you the slowest supported speed, and Medium a speed that lies somewhere between the two extremes.

    As long as it works reliably, you're usually best off selecting Fastest. However, if you experience failures at the fastest speed setting, you may have better luck choosing one of the slower speeds. When the drive spins at a slower rate of speed, the laser used to write data onto the CD has more time to burn each individual spot, and this can help to reduce or eliminate failures.

  • If the Zip file is to be written to a CD-RW that already contains data, there will be a prompt to erase the existing data. Therefore, if you are scheduling the job to run unattended, you should use empty media.
  • For additional information about WinZip's use of CDs and DVDs and a list of supported media, please refer to New Zip File on CD or DVD.