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Scan and Share (WinZip Express)

WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Scan and Share, a WinZip® Express feature, makes it possible for you to scan a document, Zip the scanned document, and then share them with others or save them to your PC or the cloud. Using Scan and Share (WinZip Express), you can:

  • Set the name you want for saved scan file.
  • Choose the file format of your scan (PNG, JPG, BMP, or PDF).
  • Compress your scans so they take up less space without any loss of quality.
  • Save the compressed scans to your PC or the cloud, or share them with others using email or social media.

Starting Scan and Share

To start Scan and Share make sure your scanner or printer all-in-one with a scanner is attached your PC and turned on. Then you only need to open WinZip and click Scan and Share in the Create/Share tab or the Unzip/Share tab.

Using Scan and Share

Scan and Share guides you through two simple steps:

  1. Scanner options: In the first step, specify your scanner, type a name for your scan file (if you do not want the default), and choose the scanned file format.
  2. Choose Zip file options: In the second step, choose your Zip file name, what kind of compression to use, what optional special processing should be performed, and what to do with the finished WinZip file.

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