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The Help Button

The Help button is the question mark icon at the right end of the WinZip® ribbon. Click it to show WinZip's About dialog, which shows the WinZip version you are using and your license information.

This dialog also provides the following:

Help section

The Help section contains options that allow you to access answers to your questions as well as obtain hints and tips to better utilize the capabilities of WinZip.

  • Knowledge Base: Click this button to access the WinZip Knowldedge Base online in your internet browser. You can access answers, get help, or even pose questions and submit them to WinZip technical support staff to respond.
  • Hints and Tips: Click this button to access a list of Hints and Tips for working more productively with WinZip.
  • Tip of the Day: Click to access the "Tip of the Day," which provides a randomly selected suggestion for working more productively with WinZip and an option to view a new tip every time you run WinZip.
  • FAQs: Click this button to access a list of Frequently Asked Questions available on the WinZip web site.

Legal section

  • License: Opens the complete WinZip license page on the WinZip web site.
  • Acknowledgements: Opens a web page containing a list of the people and organizations who have helped make WinZip what it is today.

WinZip section

The buttons in this group give you access to information about your WinZip software installation.

  • Home Page: Opens the WinZip home page in your default Internet browser.
  • Check for Update: Click to check if there is an update available for WinZip.
  • System Info: Displays information about your system. This information may be requested if you ever need product support.
  • Order Information: Click to open an internet browser window where you can find information on purchasing WinZip.