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What's New in WinZip®

Zip, protect, share and manage files anywhere with the world's #1 Zip utility.

WinZip 28.0

What’s New in WinZip 28

  • Users can now easily navigate to favorite topics with the new home screen, which can be accessed from the ribbon. Options include:
    • Find information on newly added product features.
    • Explore a range of productivity tools that go beyond compression.
    • Access our ideas portal to submit and vote on product ideas.
    • Gain access to an online self-serve knowledge base.
  • WinZip users now gain access to WinZip Courier, which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and webmail, such as Gmail. Detailed information about WinZip Courier can be conveniently found on the home screen under the Highlights and All Apps sections.
  • Users can now scan zipped files for viruses or malware before unzipping them.
  • Users can now schedule backups of folders directly from Windows with a simple right-click.
  • File-sharing emails sent from SafeShare have been redesigned for a modern look and feel. The following information is displayed within the emails:
  • Expiry date of shared file links.
  • If the file is encrypted, recipients will be prompted to use WinZip to open the file.
  • A download link for WinZip is provided to users who wish to open encrypted file(s) received via SafeShare.
  • New in PDF Express:
    • Commenting – now users can comment on a new or existing PDF.
    • Annotation – now users can annotate a new or existing PDF.
    • Forms – now users can easily fill out interactive forms and manually add their signature and comments to non-interactive ones.
  • Now users enable/disable the display of WinZip PDF Express and/or WinZip SafeShare items on the Windows context menu from File -> WinZip Settings -> Explorer.
  • Now users can enable/disable Update Notifier from File à WinZip Settings à Updates.
  • Now users can provide insights on how to improve WinZip with optional in-app ratings and surveys. WinZip Enterprise users can enable , disable or configure in-app ratings and surveys.
  • WinZip now only supports 64-bit systems, ending the support for 32-bit systems.


  • Support for Window Charms is removed from WinZip for Windows 10 and above users.
  • A warning message is now displayed before exiting SafeShare.
  • In Duplicate File Finder, a confirmation message will appear when clicking on "File Cleaning Actions."
  • In Duplicate File Finder, clearer explanations have been added for "File Cleaning Actions: Delete" and "File Cleaning Actions: Wipe".
  • Duplicate File Finder now displays space savings in “KB”, “MB”, and “GB”.
  • Space savings in Duplicate File Finder have been moved from the bottom left to the top right for better visibility
  • In SafeShare, users can now set an expiration date for all cloud service providers.
  • WinZip Shell menu is simplified by reducing the number of options for Windows 10 users. More options can be added by clicking on “Customize WinZip Menu” in the shell menu.
  • A new simplified way to select duplicate files for deletion in Duplicate File Finder.
  • Show ‘Last Modified Date’ to help select duplicated files.
  • Simplified and modernized trial flow for new users.
  • Redesigned software activation flow.
  • Improved, less intrusive flow for new users – we want you to try the whole WinZip experience before joining the family.
  • A new banner to keep trial users informed during their test period.
  • Modernized and more informative registration screens.


WinZip 27.0

  • SafeShare: With new WinZip SafeShare you can select files and/or folders,  choose to encrypt them, select whether to directly email the zip file or share a download link to it - all in one process.
  • Duplicate File finder: Use the new Duplicate File finder to eliminate files you have placed in more than one location.
  • PDF Express: WinZip PDF Express has been upgraded to make it even easier to work with PDF files.
  • Image Share: WinZip Image Share has also been updated, providing you with an even better experience working with you various photo files.

WinZip 26.0

  • Interface overhaul - Items have been moved, renamed, and made cleaner for your convenience.
  • New Applets - New applets for working with PDF files, photos, and backups plus the means to update these without a new install.
  • Convert from a PDF to other file types - WinZip Pro users can convert PDF files to other docs and/or graphic files.
  • New Cloud offered for your NAS drive - If you have a NAS drive that provides a personal cloud service; WinZip can now be configured to use that.

WinZip 25.0

  • Duplicate File detection - Removing the duplicates when creating .zipx files will result in a smaller file.
  • Organize your photos in the cloud - A new tool will automatically organize your photo files in the cloud as your specify.
  • Update the contents of Zip files to match their sources - This feature allows you update our Zip files so that they contain files added to or deleted from their original folders.
  • Easy access to Background Tools - Background Tools have been moved to the Tools tab for easy access.
  • Seamlessly integrate WinZip use with Microsoft Teams - For those with a Microsoft 365 subscription, this will be of great use.
  • Sign new and existing PDF files - Using a certificate you provide, WinZip can sign all types of PDF files.
  • Automatically save cloud files - WinZip 25 automatically saves your work on cloud-based files, ensuring you never lose important work.


WinZip 24.0

  • Easily switch between creating a Zip or Zipx file - Just click the appropriate button on the Create/Share tab.
  • More file pining options - Pin your favorite local, network, and cloud based files, zip files, and folders to the new Quick Access section of WinZip's Files pane.
  • New combine PDF file conversion - Combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file as you are zipping or using file management features.
  • Use the context menu to create a job file - Right click files, folders, drives, or a combination of things to create a WinZip Backup (job file).
  • Search for stored files - Use WinZip's new built-in search, to find your files stored locally, on your network, or in your cloud storage.


WinZip 23.0

  • Job Wizard new features - Conversion support and scheduling output files to expire has been added to the Job Wizard.
  • Improved Background Tools interface - WinZip Background Tools have been given an easier user interface for use in scheduling.
  • Updated passwords "hide/show" - An "eyeball" icon is now used to show/hide passwords.
  • Group file renaming - The ability to rename groups of files from the Files pane and the Zip fie pane has been added.
  • Schedule files for deletion from the context menu - The ability to schedule one or more files/folders to be deleted via the shell extension has been added.
  • Preview pane slideshow - The ability to initiate a slideshow from the preview pane has been added.
  • Default filter for adding files to a Zip file - The possibility to create a default filter has been added it to the Filters dropdown menu. 

WinZip 22.5

  • Download only necessary information - Download only the necessary information for Zip files stored in cloud services, rather than the entire Zip file each time.
  • Schedule a date for deleting Zip files - Schedule a date for deleting Zip files from local and network locations. Pro and Enterprise users can also schedule deletions of files saved in cloud services.
  • Generate shortened URLs for file sharing - Automatically generate a shortened URL for sharing files you uploaded to a cloud service.
  • WinZip Express automations - When using WinZip Express and WinZip Pro, save your options, schedule actions to be done, and re-use options you already saved.


WinZip 22.0

  • Windows Charms - Increase your Share selections through the use of this Windows 10 feature.
  • Remove personal information - Remove information from pictures and document files where they are stored or as they are added to a Zip file.
  • Convert photos to a different file type - Conversions can be done where files are stored or as they are added to a Zip file.
  • Unzip Zip files dialog - Unzip Zip files to set locations or one you choose by means of a prompt as you open the Zip file.
  • Tab view in Files pane - Open, view, and manage different folders at the same time in the Files pane, each on its own tab.
  • Tree view option for Files pane - Move into the file management view and use the tree view to find and work with files quickly.


WinZip 21.5

  • Replace Zip Files with their Content - Quickly and easily unzip a group of Zip files and replace them with the unzipped files.
  • Create a split Zip file from Explorer - Select files and/or folders, right click, and select Create Split Zip file. No need to create a whole, single Zip file first.
  • Automatic computer shutdown - Have WinZip shut down your computer for you after running an automatic backup. Pro and Enterprise only.
  • Files Pane tabs - Open, view, and manage different folders at the same time in the WinZip Files pane.
  • Folder Trees - Navigate easily through your combined computer, network and cloud folder layout in WinZip's Files pane using the Folder Tree view.
  • Track the files you share with ZipShare - The Shared Files dashboard, using ZipShare, in the Files pane allows you to easily keep track of which files you have shared.
  • Enhanced link sharing from the cloud - With a right click, easily share a link to existing files or folders in your cloud services.


WinZip 21.0

  • MP3 Compression - WinZip 21 compresses your MP3 files by 15 to 20% on average with no loss in quality thanks to the enhanced Zipx format.
  • Support for Multiple Accounts on the Same Cloud Service - No more need to log in and out of a single cloud service for different accounts (work or personal, for example).  You can now add up to 16 accounts per cloud service and assign Nicknames to distinguish them (Pro and Enterprise only).
  • Combined Addresss Book - Import contact information from your email and social media services for use with WinZip's Internal Emailer.
  • Replace Files with Zip Files - Compress a selection of files into individual Zip files in a single batch operation to save space locally or in the cloud.
  • Share Converted Files - Select files such as documents or images, convert to PDF, resize, and/or apply watermarking and directly send or share by email, social media or instant messaging without explicitly saving the converted result.
  • Files Pane Swipe - Expand the Files Pane for management tasks and collapse for Zipping with a single swipe on touch enabled devices.
  • Image Information - Choose the Image Information button when previewing photos to obtain file size, image dimensions and resolution information (Pro and Enterprise only).


WinZip 20.0

  • Frequent Folders - Easily find your most-used files and folders on your PC, network and cloud storage locations in Frequent Folders, which updates dynamically.
  • More sharing options - You can now share directly to YouTube, along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Expanded instant message support means you can share via Twitter IM, and Office 365 groups, in addition to Google Talk/Google+ Hangouts, Yahoo! Messenger and Jabber. Combining WinZip's legendary compression and encryption with the ease of instant messaging gives you high-speed sharing without compromising security.
  • Scan and Share - Quickly turn a photo or document into a share-ready image or PDF with the new WinZip Scan and Share feature.  Start your scan right from WinZip, apply watermarking or encryption when you wish to protect your scanned information.  Then WinZip can zip it and save it locally, on the network or on a cloud service.  Or share it by email, social media or instant message.
  • Snap and Share - Streamline photo sharing by quickly getting photos directly from your camera to share via WinZip (Pro and Enterprise only)
  • More robust file management - WinZip 20 takes file management further with several new features available via the new WinZip File Management ribbon: Create new folders on your PC, network or cloud service; securely delete files and folders with the new Wipe feature; restore accidentally deleted, copied, moved or renamed files; open, modify and update cloud-based files in their associated application; view property information; map a folder or network location to a drive; and much more.
  • File Previewer - The Actions pane now displays thumbnail previews of a selected file in your Zip, on the computer, network, or cloud storage location.  Click on the expand icon in the thumbnail to see a larger image in the new Preview Pane.  Preview the contents of images and documents, rotate and reduce the size of images, save images as your computer background, and share the previewed file by email, IM or social media. (Requires Windows File Explorer Preview technology and a Pro or Enterprise license).
  • Job Wizard Super Picker - Now your backups can include files from almost anywhere.  Combines files from your computer folders, the network and cloud services in one backup.  Save the resulting Zip to the cloud if you wish.  Automate back up and distribution by creating a job that gathers files from various cloud services, zips them and distributes the Zip via email according to your schedule. (Pro and Enterprise only).


WinZip 19.0

  • Easier zipping - Built-in local and cloud file management means it's easy to browse and select the files you want without leaving WinZip. Touch support puts the power of WinZip at your fingertips on any touch-enabled device or computer. WinZip 19 is also optimized for 2-in-1 computers, switching its layout automatically depending on whether you are using your system in tablet or notebook mode.
  • Rich file management - Save time with the easy-to-access file management features built into the new WinZip 19 interface. Copy, move, rename and delete local and cloud files with ease. Open, edit and print local files. Plus, see how much space your devices and cloud services have available. Do all this and more without having to leave WinZip.
  • Change the interface to suit your task - Easily change the WinZip 19 interface to hide or show the features you need. WinZip 19 displays zipping features by default, but you can easily switch to the file management pane when you want to work with your files. Like the WinZip you know? Just click to use the familiar ribbon.
  • Easily find the features you need - WinZip is more dynamic than ever with the new context-sensitive action pane that changes to display the right tools for the job. When you're zipping files, for example, Save and Share options appear automatically, so you can quickly select the destinations for your zip.
  • More flexible file conversion - Whether you are converting to PDF, resizing photos, adding watermarks or encrypting, you can select or change settings before, during or after you have created your zip. Plus, WinZip lets you choose whether the changes are applied to all the files in your zip or only to the individual files you've selected.
  • Streamlined sharing - Get easy access to all your sharing options in the new WinZip interface to quickly share by email, your clouds, instant messaging services or popular social sites.


WinZip 18.5

  • Share zipped files by IM
    Choose from even more sharing options with support for several instant messaging services, including Facebook Messaging, Google Talk/Google+ Hangouts, Yahoo! Messenger and Jabber. Combining WinZip's legendary compression and encryption with the ease of instant messaging gives you high-speed sharing without compromising security.
  • ZipShare
    Get direct access to the new ZipShare file sharing service. This powerful web app makes sharing large files easy no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Access your ZipShare account directly from within WinZip 18.5. Connect to your cloud accounts and easily share compressed files via email. Zip and share any type of file along with a message to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Send files up to 50MB free using ZipShare or move up to ZipShare Pro to send up to 2GB.
  • Streamlined cloud file sharing
    Extended cloud features give you more power to manage files and folders on your cloud storage services. See all your cloud files in a single view, even if they are saved on various services. New in this release, download, share, move, rename, unzip and delete files or folders on your cloud services, all from within WinZip.
  • Easier than ever
    The new look and feel of WinZip 18.5 includes easier access to popular features. Working with cloud services is simpler, FTP is now grouped with cloud services for streamlined access, and adding files to your zip is faster with local and cloud files combined in one list.


WinZip 18.0

WinZip 18 continues to enhance your cloud storage experience, makes it easy to share cloud links, adds the new WinZip Express Add-Ons, and offers even better compression.

  • Zip and share to more clouds
    WinZip 18 lets you connect directly to your cloud services, including Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, CloudMe and SugarSync. Zip before you upload, open zip files saved in the cloud, or select files from the cloud to zip and share.
  • Streamlined cloud navigation
    Access and manage your cloud files as easily as you access the files on your computer. WinZip 18 makes it simple to send files to and from the cloud, save between your cloud accounts and monitor your cloud storage space.
  • Copy and share Cloud Links
    Quickly send links to your cloud files by email, instant messaging and on social media sites.
  • Work faster with WinZip Express Add-Ons
    Bring the power of WinZip into the software you use every day. Download the WinZip Express Add-On for Explorer for free and get instant access to the WinZip features you use most directly within Explorer. Add-Ons are also available for Microsoft Outlook, Photos and SharePoint.
  • Compress files even more
    Make Zip and Zipx files even smaller with the enhanced zip engine in WinZip 18.


WinZip 17.5

Building on WinZip 17's innovations in cloud connectivity, this release streamlines the process, adds support for a new cloud service—and significantly improves unzipping performance.

  • Fresh new look
    Quickly find the tools you need thanks to the modernized UI featuring icons that are consistent across all toolbars.
  • Support for CloudMe
    Connect directly to CloudMe, the Europe-based cloud service.
  • Streamlined cloud sharing
    Easily manage your cloud activity with an experience that is consistent across all toolbars.
  • Enhanced watermarking
    Set the transparency of watermarks and add a date/time stamp for added security.
  • Faster unzipping
    Unzip larger file sets three to four times faster.


WinZip 17.0

Zip. Protect. Share. Anywhere.

WinZip is the world’s #1 choice when working with large files – zip, unzip, email, password-protect and more. The new featuresin WinZip 17.0 include:

  • Zip and share to the cloud
    Protect your files in the cloud and use less space by zipping them first. WinZip 17 lets you connect to your cloud services, including Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox. Zip before you upload, open Zip files saved in the cloud, or select files from the cloud to zip and share.
  • Manage and share from the cloud
    See and organize all your cloud files directly from WinZip 17 even if you use several services. WinZip connects you to your clouds, including Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox, so you can easily get links to your files and share them from your own email.
  • Zip and share to social media sites
    Share any file to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with ZipShare, the online app. Just write a message, add your files—even very large ones—and post. No additional software required.
  • Resize images
    Instantly resize images to more convenient sharing sizes without using complex image editing software. It makes sharing photo albums a snap!
  • Convert files to PDF
    Turn Microsoft Office documents into PDF files as you zip them with WinZip's built-in PDF converter. This lets you hide metadata and make your documents read-only for added protection.
  • Add a watermark
    Deter unauthorized copying, add traceability, and protect your photos and files by adding your own custom watermark to images and PDFs.
  • More intuitive interface
    Context-sensitive toolbars change depending on your task, making it easy to find the tools you need for zipping, unzipping, sharing and more.


WinZip 16.5

WinZip is proud to announce our latest release, WinZip 16.5! Building on WinZip 16's file sharing innovations and fully upgraded 64-bit engine, this release introduces unprecedented advancements in WinZip technology:

  • NEW ultra-fast zip engine that taps into your computer's full processing power
  • NEW next-generation technology that harnesses the power of AMD graphics processors
  • NEW streamlined interface with a more attractive, intuitive look-and-feel


WinZip 16.0

WinZip is proud to announce our latest release, WinZip 16.0! In addition to cutting-edge compression, encryption, and archiving capabilities, WinZip 16.0 introduces the following new capabilities:

  • a powerful 64-bit zip engine upgrade for maximum zipping speed seamless integration with WinZip's breakthrough file delivery web service, ZipSend
  • the ability to send very large Zip files (up to 2GB) using ZipSend
  • instant access to WinZip's NEW Facebook app, ZipShare
  • the ability to zip and post any type of file (up to 20MB) to Facebook using ZipShare
  • the ability to zip and write files to Blu-ray Disc directly from the WinZip window
  • the ability to convert other major compression file formats to Zip format
  • extended preview functionality for other major compression file formats
  • the ability to scan and diagnose PC performance issues using WinZip's built-in System Scanner tool


WinZip 15.5

WinZip® is proud to announce its latest release! Building on WinZip 15's performance architecture, streamlined user interface, and file sharing enhancements, WinZip 15.5 provides even faster zipping technology, improved usability, and extended functionality. No wonder WinZip is far and away the world’s #1 utility for file compression, encryption, sharing, and backup! WinZip 15.5 introduces the following features:

  • new compression algorithms designed for multi-processor systems that zip files up to twice as fast
  • new WinZip Desktop Gadget option called 'Folder I Choose' that allows you to create or select a target folder for zipping/unzipping files on a case-by-case basis.
  • dynamic, context-sensitive icons that automatically change to reflect the WinZip tasks available to your specific situation
  • streamlined processes that remove unnecessary dialogs and cut down on extra steps
  • the ability to show/hide the Address bar
  • the ability to instantly jump between any instances of WinZip that you currently have open
  • the ability to customize the look and feel of your WinZip interface with interchangeable themes
  • improved destination folder management, so when you open/alter a zipped file's contents directly from an email attachment, WinZip will prompt you to save your work to a new location on your computer (rather than the email temp folder)
  • streamlined 'Unzip and Try' processes that remove extra steps, making temporary viewing even quicker and easier
  • extended enterprise support that provides IT control over the addition/alteration of e-mail services.


WinZip 15.0

The following features were introduced in WinZip 15.0:

  • performance architecture for major enhancements in file compression and encryption
  • brand new zip engine for high-speed zipping
  • improvements to the WinZip 14.5 interface with refined menu designs and more intuitive icons
  • a groundbreaking desktop gadget that uses drag-and-drop functionality to provide instant access to zipping, unzipping and email tasks
  • new 'Zip and E-mail' feature that lets you create a Zip file and attach it to an email message in one simple step
  • new Image resizer feature that resizes and zips your high-resolution pictures before attaching them to an email message
  • Built-in webmail support for all WinZip email functionality (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail by Google, and Microsoft Live Hotmail)
  • Additional email support for other webmail services, enterprise mail systems, and individual ISP addresses
  • Enhanced backup email support that allows backup files and log files to be sent from virtually any of your email or webmail addresses


WinZip 14.5

  • Microsoft Office 2010-style ribbon interface places key WinZip functionality right at your fingertips, simplifying essential tasks and increasing your productivity
  • Support for Windows 7 Libraries, Jump Lists, Multi-Touch Gestures, and more makes working with Zip files effortless
  • 'Zip' option on the Home tab works the way you think, letting you select the files you want to zip up, choose your zipping options, and save your Zip file wherever you decide
  • 'Attach to E-mail' button lets you email a Zip file instantly and provides advanced options like using 'best method' compression and file encryption, and resizing photos so they send faster and fit standard computer screens
  • '1-Click Unzip' option automatically extracts the content of an archive to a folder it creates for you, then opens the folder in Windows Explorer, providing easy editing
  • 'Open With' button opens an Office document (or other file) from within a Zip file using the default Windows file association or the application you specify, and—if you make changes—WinZip offers to save them back to the Zip file for you
  • 'Auto Open' feature automatically extracts and opens a zipped document, spreadsheet, or presentation in its associated Microsoft Office** application by just double clicking the Zip file within Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook
  • 'Zip file previewer' lets you see what's inside a Zip file from within Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook** and directly open zipped content files by simply double clicking on them
  • 'Backup' tab (WinZip Pro feature) reveals innovative capabilities for protecting your data files, including a choice of predefined backups for your documents, desktop, email, etc., a wizard for creating your own custom backup, and a way to backup photos directly from your digital camera or iPhone
  • 'Tools' tab presents practical utilities, such as a simple way to create a self-extracting Zip file, a means to encrypt an existing Zip file, and an option to unzip and try the contents of a Zip file then clean up afterward automatically when you close the Zip file.