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Quick Start Guide

The WinZip® Courier Quick Start Guide introduces WinZip Courier and helps you get started with its basic use. We're going to assume that you have already completed the simple installation process.

For complete information on WinZip Courier, start with the Table of Contents.

  • If you are upgrading see what's new in the new WinZip Courier.

What does it do?

WinZip Courier makes it easy to create zipped (compressed) attachments to your Microsoft Outlook e-mail messages. WinZip Courier has many benefits:

  • Easily zip attachments when sending Outlook e-mail messages
  • Utilize the ZipShare file delivery service or other cloud service to easily and securely deliver your large email attachments to your recipients
  • Zip, encrypt, convert to PDF with/without a watermark and e-mail your documents directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Conserve space in your Outlook data store
  • Save disk space
  • Save transmission time
  • Keep multiple related files and documents together in one attachment
  • Zipping may help you send files that would otherwise be blocked by the recipient's e-mail system
  • Protect sensitive documents with encryption
  • Re-size image files to smaller images
  • Convert document files to PDF files

Despite all it can do, WinZip Courier is very easy to use; just install it and it is ready to work for you. Let's get started!

Automatically zipping your e-mail attachments

First, let's see how easy it is to zip your e-mail attachments.

  1. To start, create a new e-mail message in Outlook, address it to yourself, and attach a few files.
  2. Now click Send.

That's all there is to it--you've zipped your attachments.

To see what happened, open the Outlook Sent Items folder and double-click the e-mail you just sent. If you look at your attachments, you'll see that they have been replaced by a single Zip file. Double-click the Zip file to open it and see your original attachments, now compressed and organized into a single attachment (you will need WinZip or another Zip file utility to do this).

There are lots of options that control what WinZip Courier does when you click Send. You can set WinZip Courier to encrypt your attachments, change how the zipped attachment will be named, specify whether images are resized, and much more. See Configuring WinZip Courier for complete information.

Manually zipping your e-mail attachments

You can also manually zip and attach your documents and other files:

  1. To start, create a new e-mail message in Outlook, address it to yourself, click on the Attach File (Zipped) control in the WinZip Courier group.
  2. You'll see a standard Windows "Open File" dialog with a few additional options for WinZip Courier. Navigate to a documents folder, select a few documents, and click OK.

You will see a new zipped attachment. Double-click the attachment to open it; inside the Zip file are the documents you selected.


In Courier 5.0 and up, you no longer have to worry about your email attachment sizes and worrying if your email attachments are too big, causing your emails to bounce back. You now have the option of utilizing our ZipShare file delivery service to deliver your attachments to your recipients; a ZipShare account is required to use this service.

You can sign up for a FREE ZipShare Basic account and send files up to 500 MB in size; alternatively, you can GO PRO subscribe to a ZipShare PRO account and send files up to 5 GB in size.

Using ZipShare is as easy as can be! All you have to do is sign up for a ZipShare account and then send your emails as normal. If the size of your email attachments exceeds a configurable limit (5 MB by default), your attachments will be automatically removed from the email and uploaded to our secure ZipShare servers; ZipShare will seamlessly insert a link to your uploaded files into your email before sending it to your recipients. When your recipients receive your email, they can just click on the link in the email to download the attachment from ZipShare.

ZipShare is available for use when sending emails through Outlook as well as when attaching files in Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho, and Microsoft's Hotmail, Office365, and Live.com.

Zip and mail your Office documents

It's just as easy to zip and e-mail the Office documents on which you're working. Try it out:

  1. Open a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document, or create a new one.
  2. Open the File menu, click Send as Zip file.
  3. In some cases, you may be asked to first save a new or changed document in its regular Office format (.doc, etc.).
  4. In the Send as Zip file dialog, just click OK.

That's all there is to it. WinZip Courier will create a new Outlook e-mail message, attach the zipped document, and leave the window open for you. Now you can complete and send your message as you normally would.

Zipping your Office documents

As an added feature, WinZip Courier allows you to save your open Office documents as Zip files:

  1. Open a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document, or create a new one.
  2. Open the File menu and click Save as Zip file.
  3. In some cases, you may be asked to first save a new or changed document in its regular Office format (.doc, etc.).
  4. In the Save as Zip File dialog, specify the name and location for the Zip file and click Save.

Your document is now saved as a Zip file.

Learn more

You've learned how to use the basic features of WinZip Courier, but there is much more. When you've become comfortable with using WinZip Courier, spend some time learning:

  • How to configure WinZip Courier to work exactly the way you want.
  • How to protect your sensitive documents using encryption.
  • How to override WinZip Courier's settings for an individual e-mail message.
  • How to use WinZip Courier's ribbon.

Support, comments, and questions

We hope you enjoy WinZip Courier and find it useful and easy to use. If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, your best resource is to follow the "Support" link from the WinZip home page.


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