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WinZip Pro and WinZip Backup feature

Specifications Complete (WinZip Job Wizard)

This is the final step of the WinZip® Job Wizard. Here you can:

  • Schedule your job to run periodically, or remove an existing schedule.
  • Configure your job to send an e-mail message, optionally attaching the Zip file and/or log file, when the job is complete.
  • Save the completed Zip file to a cloud or FTP location when your job runs.
  • Share your Zip file using social media or instant messaging.
  • Tell WinZip to run your job now by checking Run this job when I click Finish.

Click Finish when you are done, and your job will be saved. If you checked the Run this job when I click Finish, the job will run immediately, and you will be able to review the results and examine the resulting Zip file.

Click Back if you would like to review or change any settings.

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