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Configuring WinZip Courier

WinZip® Courier provides two methods of configuring how it should operate. You can set options that affect all email messages using the WinZip Courier Options window. You can also set messages on a per-email basis directly on the new email message window on the ribbon. For more information on the WinZip Courier options available on the ribbon in Outlook, please see the help for the ribbon.

The WinZip Courier Options window provides options that specify how WinZip Courier should operate in Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Zoho. You can specify the zipping method, control how the Zip file attachments are named, and much more.

In WinZip Courier 12, the WinZip Courier Options window looks like this; previous version will look different and may not have the same options:

webmail file selection window

To access the WinZip Courier Options in Outlook:

  • Click the Home tab
  • Click on WinZip Courier
  • Select Options


You can also access the configuration options from the Start menu: click Start, then All apps, then WinZip Courier, and finally Configure WinZip Courier.

From the WinZip Courier Options window, you have the following options:

  • Cloud options control when to use a cloud service and allows you to log in to and out of your cloud service accounts.
  • Zipping options sets the compression method with an option to optimize the compression if Zipx is selected.
  • Zip Attachment name opens a window allowing you to change the default name used for Zip files, choose to append the date, etc. to the name, change what file extension will be used, and set others options for single files and multiple files.
  • Attachment options allows you to set whether Courier will Zip your attachments, Zip and encrypt them, or leave them alone. You also can configure Courier to ask you if you want them zipped on each sending. Additional options are available for single attachments.
  • Encryption options set which encryption method to use.
  • Reduce images options sets the final size of your images when you choose to resize your images that are attached to your emails.
  • Convert photo options sets the photo file type you wish all attached photos to be converted to.
  • Remove info options informs you of the file types it works with.
  • Watermark options allows you to determine where and how a watermark is inserted into your supported files that are attached to your emails.
  • Convert to PDF options allows you to set the options to use when WinZip Courier converts your files into a PDF.
  • Sign PDF options gives you the ability to set Courier to ask for a signature certificate location, use one you have already saved, and other options.
  • Convert from PDF displays a list of file types that it can convert a PDF file to when you select this feature.
  • Update options control whether and when WinZip Courier checks for updates automatically.
  • Registration button opens the Register WinZip Courier window where you can enter your WinZip Courier registration information.
  • Purchase button opens your internet browser to the WinZip website where you can purchase a license for WinZip Courier.


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