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File Type Filters

The Open WinZip File window opened from the File tab uses the file type filters in the following table. The Favorite Zip Folders window, also opened from the File tab, uses the first four entries in this table.

Zip files

*.zip, *.zipx

LHA archives

*.lha, *.lzh

All archives

*.zip, *.zipx, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lha, *.lzh, *.tar, *.cab, *.wmz, *.yfs, *.wsz, *.rar, *.bz, *.bz2, *.tbz, *.tbz2, *.7z, *.xz, *.txz, *.img, *.iso, *.vhd, *.vmdk

Disk Images *.img, *.iso, *.vhd, *.vmdk

Encoded files

*.uu, *.uue, *.xxe,*.bhx, *.b64, *.hqx, *.mim

Archives and .exe files

*.zip, *.zipx, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lha, *.lzh, *.tar, *.cab, *.wmz, *.yfs, *.wsz, *.exe, *.rar, *.bz, *.bz2, *.tbz, *.tbz2, *.7z,*.xz, *.txz, *.img, *.iso, *.vhd, *.vmdk

Archives, encoded, and .exe files

*.zip, *.zipx, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lha, *.lzh, *.tar, *.cab, *.wmz, *.yfs, *.wsz, *.exe, *.uu, *.uue, *.xxe, *.bhx, *.b64, *.hqx, *.mim, *.rar, *.bz, *.bz2, *.tbz, *.tbz2, *.7z,*.xz, *.txz, *.img, *.iso, *.vhd, *.vmdk

WinZip® job files


All files (*.*)