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Zip file comments

A comment is optional text information that is embedded in a Zip file. It can be viewed, created, edited, or deleted using the Comment window. Simply type in your text or use any common Windows cut, copy, or paste method. This feature is available for Zip files only (.zip or .zipx).

To access the Comment window for the open WinZip® file, click the Comments button in the Unzip tab.

Click Save to save any comment or edits you've made.

Clear erases the comment text. Clicking Save after Clear removes the comment from the Zip file.

Click Font to specify a new display font. It does not affect the comment in the Zip file, but it is retained as your preference for viewing comments in future sessions.

Zip file comments are limited in length. If you have recent versions of the Windows "Rich Edit" control installed, the limit is about 64,000 characters; otherwise, the limit is about 48,000 characters. For greatest compatibility with other users' systems and with other Zip file utilities, we recommend limiting comments to 48,000 characters.

Tip: if you would like WinZip to automatically display the comments when opening Zip files that contain comments, check the box labeled Show comments when opening Zip files in the Advanced tab of WinZip settings. To open the WinZip settings dialog, click WinZip Settings button in the File menu.