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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Combine PDF Files Settings

When two or more PDF files are selected to be zipped, the Combine PDF Files feature will combine them into one PDF file. The Combine PDF Files Settings window provides these options:

  • Delete the original PDF files after the new PDF file is created: Use this when you want the new, single file to replace the multiple files you are zipping.
    • Use wipe to delete files: This is a secondary choice that can be selected if you are deleting the original files. It will wipe the hard drive to remove all traces of the originals.
  • Sign the new PDF file: You must have a valid digital signature certificate file to use this feature. You will be prompted for the location of the file and asked for the necessary password.


Before WinZip combines your PDF files, a window will open showing large thumbnail images of the selected documents. You can drag them from one position and drop them into another to set the preferred order they will appear after being combined.