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FAQ - Still Camera Support

How do I set up WinZip so that I can retrieve my pictures with one click from AutoPlay?

You can easily configure WinZip to automatically download and zip pictures using the AutoPlay dialog that appears when you connect your digital still camera.

  1. Start WinZip.
  2. In the WinZip Ribbon, click the WinZip Options button in the Settings tab.
  3. On the Photos tab, click Get all my pictures from the camera or leave it set at the default; Let me select the pictures I want.
  4. Deselect or select the box next to Rotate pictures...
  5. Click OK and close WinZip if desired.


When you click Zip from camera using WinZip in the AutoPlay dialog, WinZip will automatically make use of these settings to zip your pictures you've defined. See WinZip and AutoPlay for additional information.

How do I add pictures to an existing Zip file?

  1. Open the Zip file (.zip or .zipx) and click Snap and Share in the Unzip/Share tab.
  2. In the WinZip Express window, choose Current Zip file under Save/Share Options.
  3. Any pictures or other files that you download from your camera will be added to the open Zip file.


Why didn't my pictures autorotate?

Autorotation requires support from your camera, and it is only used for pictures that meet certain criteria. See Picture Rotation for detailed information.

Why doesn't "Zip from camera" appear in my AutoPlay dialog?

Whether or not Zip from camera appears in the AutoPlay dialog depends on how your camera connects to the computer. You may be able to change a camera setting to correct this. To learn more, see WinZip and AutoPlay.

Why didn't WinZip retrieve the audio comments for the pictures I selected?

In order for WinZip to be able to associate an audio file with a picture, it must:

  • be stored in the same folder on your camera's memory card as the picture,
  • have the same base name as the picture (e.g., IMG_0001.JPG and IMG_0001.WAV), and
  • be identified to WinZip as an audio file (this is controlled by Windows and your camera).


Why doesn't WinZip's camera support work on my Windows Server system?

You may need to enable the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service. See Using WinZip's camera support with Windows Server for complete information.