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Snap and Share (WinZip Express)

WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

Snap and Share, a WinZip® Express feature, makes it easy to download and store pictures, audio, and even video from your digital still camera, and then share them with others or save them to your PC or the cloud. WinZip's camera features can eliminate many of the steps required to retrieve and manage your pictures and can save you a large amount of storage space. Using Snap and Share, you can:

  • Download all the pictures and videos from your camera, or select only the ones you want.
  • Rotate your pictures so that they are properly oriented (your camera must provide support for this feature).
  • Optionally reduce image size, encrypt, or watermark your pictures.
  • Compress your pictures so they take up less space without any loss of picture quality.
  • Remove images from your camera after they have been downloaded.
  • Save the compressed pictures to your PC or the cloud, or share them with others using email or social media.

Starting Snap and Share

There are two ways to start Snap and Share:

  • From AutoPlay: Click Zip from camera using WinZip in the AutoPlay dialog that appears when you connect your camera.
  • From the WinZip Ribbon: Click Snap in the Tools tab.

Using Snap and Share

Snap and Share guides you through two simple steps:

  1. WinZip Snap and Share: In the first step, you will specify which camera to use, which files to retrieve from the camera, and what to do with the pictures on the camera when zipping is completed.
  2. Create new Zip File: In the second step, you will specify what kind of compression to use, what optional special processing should be performed, and what to do with the finished WinZip file.

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