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Deleting Files from a WinZip File

To delete files from a WinZip® file:

  • Select entries in the main WinZip window, right click on any selected file, and click Delete from the shortcut menu. WinZip will display one of two confirmation windows, depending on which view you are using.
    • Default view: WinZip will ask for confirmation that you want to delete the selected files/folders.
    • Classic view: The Delete window will open and you can then choose to Delete all files and folders in the Zip file or Delete only the selected files and folders in the Zip file.
  • If you decide that you do not want to delete the files after having done the above, close WinZip or click Close in the File Tab, then click Don't Save in the confirmation window. Note that any other changes you have made since the last save will also be discarded.