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Using the Single folder View

The WinZip® Default view displays the contents of a WinZip file in a folder view, referred to in earlier versions as an Explorer View. WinZip displays your Zip file structure showing folders (if they exist) as well as files. You can see the actual structure of your Zip file with regard to which files are contained within which folder. This is helpful as a visual representation of the Zip file structure. You can navigate into folders and see the files. You can create new folders within the Zip file and then add new files to that folder. Please see The Intuitive WinZip Interface in the Knowledge Base for more information about the view options available.

Folder Tree is a toggle button used to move between an Explorer Style and My Computer style view. Using this adds an additional panel to the Zip file portion of the Window. You will notice that folders are displayed in the left section and files and folders are displayed in the right section. This option gives the added notation that subfolders are contained within the folders. You can quickly see if a folder contains a subfolder because, as in Windows Explorer, there is a folder expansion icon next to each folder containing a subfolder.

Using Reset to, Panes, and Layout allows you to change many apects of the view and show the amount of file/folder detail you want to see.

Using Drag and Drop

Adding files or folders to an existing folder in a Zip file

  1. Open the intended Zip file.
  2. Navigate to and open the folder into which you wish to add.
  3. Finally, drag the files or folders you wish to add into this open folder.


Unzipping folders from a Zip file

  1. Open the Zip file that contains the folder you wish to extract.
  2. Navigate to the level in which you see the desired folder.
  3. Drag and drop the folder to the desired location (such as a folder in Windows Explorer, the Desktop, or My Documents).


Note: files dragged and dropped from a Zip file are first extracted to the Windows temporary folder and then copied to the selected location. It is more efficient to extract a folder using the Unzip dialog when the folder being extracted contains a large number of files.